Altura Executive Condo, developed by Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction, offers 360 units in the Bukit Batok neighborhood. It features 3 to 5-bedroom layouts with flexible and hackable walls, providing customization options for homeowners. The location is within 1km of future ACS Primary School and offers convenient access to amenities and transportation options.

Altura EC is a buzzword in the Singaporean real estate world, given that Bukit Batok hasn’t seen any new executive condominiums (ECs) for the past 20 years! This development, situated close to the Bukit Batok Nature Park, offers an exciting blend of cosmopolitan living and a touch of nature.

Altura EC Review: Bukit Batok’s first EC in 20 years

The launch of Altura EC was a much-anticipated event in the property market. The development offers 573 units that range from 2 to 5 bedroom types, providing potential homeowners an array of options to suit their needs. With a prime location in an established residential estate, residents of Altura EC benefit from the conveniences and amenities available in Bukit Batok.

A standout feature of Altura EC is the spacious and thoughtfully designed layouts of the units, offering ample space for every member of the family. The units are equipped with branded appliances and quality fittings, ensuring a luxurious living experience.

It is also worth noting the abundance of lifestyle and recreational facilities within the development. From a tranquil rooftop garden to a state-of-the-art gymnasium, as well as a range of pools – one for each type of swimmer; suffice it to say that the recreational needs of residents are well catered for.

Significance, Functionality, and Comfort at Altura EC

Altura EC stands out as a landmark development in Bukit Batok due to its sheer significance, being the first EC in this region in two decades. On top of this, it brings a new level of sophistication in its design and construction.

In terms of functionality, Altura EC shines bright. The strategic location means public amenities and transportation options are close at hand, making daily commuting and accessibility a breeze for residents. Bukit Batok MRT station is a short walk away, and an integrated transport hub is in the pipeline for the town.

When it comes to comfort, Altura EC leaves no stone unturned. Be it the serene green landscapes within the development or the stunning views of the nearby Bukit Batok Nature Park, Altura EC provides tranquil spaces where residents can unwind and relax.

Furthermore, Altura EC acquires a green mark for sustainability, featuring energy and water-efficient appliances in apartments, and a rainwater harvesting system, complementing its overall appeal to responsible and eco-friendly living.

To sum it up, Altura EC is a remarkable investment for potential homeowners, given its blend of significance, functionality, and comfort. It offers a great opportunity to live amidst luxury, while also being eco-responsible, in an area that has not seen an EC launch in nearly two decades.

Unit Layouts and Location

Altura EC is a distinctively designed property that has stood out among Singapore’s luxury residences. The detailed elements of its units and the strategic location create a perfect blend that caters to the needs of savvy homebuyers. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this property special.

Meticulously curated unit features

Altura EC takes elegance and comfortable living to a new level. Each unit exhibits meticulous attention to detail that is scarcely seen in other properties. It boasts of well-thought designs that blend functionality and aesthetics, resulting in an ambient living space.

Simplicity Meets Elegance: The property’s concept is ‘less is more,’ providing modern and minimalistic interiors that are nothing short of glamour and class.

Quality Finishing: Altura EC does not compromise on quality. From the selection of materials to finishing, every detail enhances the sustainability and durability of the residence while offering a high level of comfort.

Space Optimization: An exciting feature of Altura EC units is their efficiency in using the space available. The units are cleverly designed, ensuring every square foot serves a specific purpose without being cluttered.

Proximity to ACS Tengah and amenities

Location is paramount when choosing a residency, and Altura EC takes this consideration into account. Its proximity to quality schools and world-class amenities makes it an ideal choice for families and professionals.

A Stone’s Throw from ACS Tengah: This property is strategically located near ACS Tengah, one of Singapore’s top schools. This means less commute time for children and more quality family time.

Nearby Amenities: Living at Altura EC does not mean compromising convenience. It offers proximity to shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, dining restaurants, and recreational facilities. This ensures that residents’ daily needs are met within a short distance.

Living in Altura EC offers an opportunity to enjoy a meticulously designed living space, proximal to high-quality amenities and services. Its strategic location near a top Singapore school and the array of amenities surrounding the property ensures that every resident experiences an unparalleled blend of comfort and convenience.

Summary of Altura EC Features:

Meticulously curated unit features– Simplicity meets elegance: Offers modern and minimalistic interiors paired with glamour and class.
– Quality finishing: High-quality materials and finishing assure sustainability and durability.
-Space optimization: Cleverly designed units with efficient use of space.
Proximity to ACS Tengah and amenities– Near ACS Tengah: Provides less commute time for children.- Nearby amenities: Short distance to shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, banks and recreational facilities.

The evidence on Altura EC’s uniqueness and convenience is compelling for those on the lookout for an eclectic blend of comfort, luxury, and ideal location in their Singaporean residence.

Facilities and Price

The competitive landscape of the real estate domain draws buyers and sellers into a mingling game where the properties value shift concerning the quality and facilities offered. A perfect example is the Altura EC, a premium property development synonymous with luxury and comfort.

Quality amenities at Altura EC

Altura EC plays host to a range of high-ended amenities that cater to its residents’ needs. The property is known for its upscale fittings, with each space meticulously designed to assure the utmost luxury. With a mix of spacious, well-ventilated condominiums and houses, the place offers a variety of options to potential buyers or tenants.

But it’s not just the living spaces that command attention. Altura EC features recreational facilities like a state-of-the-art gym, a full-sized swimming pool, and playgrounds, adding a touch of recreational flavor for fitness enthusiasts and family fun lovers. The building is designed to meet the needs of a modern dweller seeking a balance between the urban rush and serene living.

Analyzing the pricing strategy

In evaluating the pricing strategy of Altura EC, a careful examination of the vast array of amenities and exclusive features is imperative. It offers a lush lifestyle fostering a sense of community, and all these translate into the price point. The pricing strategy could seem steep on the wallet at first glance, but does it compensate for the vast array of premium features?

Few could argue against the answer being an emphatic ‘yes,’ seeing that it offers residents unparalleled comfort, generous living spaces, and a remarkable sense of community. Given its strategic location with an easy reach of top-notch schools, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and transport initiatives, Altura EC offers value for its price. Besides, the stalwart security protocols put in place provide peace of mind, making it a good investment on a domestic and financial front.

Here’s a concise table summarizing the facilities and price elements.

Quality Amenities– Upscale fitting: Top-tier fixtures and amenities.
– Variety: Condominiums and houses. – Recreational facilities: Gym, swimming pool, and playgrounds. – Design: A blend of urban rush and serene living.
Pricing Strategy– Amenities and comfort: Unparalleled comfort, spacious living areas, sense of community.- Location: In proximity to schools, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, transport initiatives. – Security: Robust security protocols.- Value for Price: Offers value for its price.

Appreciation Value

It’s clear that market value is an essential component when investing in real estate. When it comes to Altura EC, potential buyers and investors might be interested in its appreciation value. The property’s value over time depicts not only its place in the market but also its potential return on investment.

Comparing Altura EC to recent new ECs and condos

Examining the market landscape against other new ECs and condos is a good way to gauge how Altura EC measures up. The key here is to look at various factors including cost per square foot (psf), location, and amenities.

Compared to recently launched ECs and condos, Altura EC stacks up quite well. Its competitive selling price in terms of cost psf, coupled with the property’s desirable location, makes it an attractive option for both homebuyers and investors. Furthermore, Altura EC’s varied amenities, from spacious, high-quality living quarters to communal facilities, give it an edge.

Altura EC vs New ECs/Condos Snapshot:

FactorsAltura EC
Cost per square footCompetitive price compared to new ECs and condos
LocationLocated in a favorable and attractive area
AmenitiesEquipped with high-quality living quarters and communal facilities

Comparison with the nearest resale condominium, Le Quest

When comparing Altura EC with its nearest resale competitor, Le Quest, it is necessary to consider several factors. Le Quest, a residential-commercial development, boasts of its integrated live-work-play lifestyle. However, when it comes to pricing, Altura EC offers better value for money.

Altura EC’s psf is relatively lower, making it more affordable without compromising on amenities or location. Apart from affordability, Altura EC also offers a more exclusive living experience. Unlike Le Quest, which is a mixed development, Altura EC is a purely residential development, providing a quieter, more serene living environment.

Altura EC vs Le Quest Snapshot:

FactorsAltura ECLe Quest
Cost per square footMore affordableHigher Price
Residential ExperienceQuiet, serene, residential environmentMixed Development

When considering the appreciation value of Altura EC, its affordability, desirable location, and high-quality living amenities make it a promising investment. While comparisons can be made, the sheer value provided by Altura EC makes it a standout choice, whether for potential homeowners or investment-savvy individuals

Limited supply and high demand for Altura EC

Within Singapore’s property market, a unique framework exists. The Executive Condominium (EC) scheme, a hybrid of public and private housing, has contributed to a narrow, underserved segment of prospective homeowners. ECs provide the amenities and prestige of private condominiums but at substantially lower prices, making them highly sought after.

Altura EC falls into this advantageous category, benefitting from high demand. The scarcity of ECs has inevitably thrust properties like Altura EC into the limelight, as limited supply meets escalating demand.

Furthermore, Altura EC’s geographical location – nestled within District 20 – signifies another point of attraction. Known for its elite primary school, prestigious higher learning institutions, and a plethora of dining and shopping options, this district is desirable to families and investors alike.

Starting from $1375 PSF but near ACS Primary and efficient layouts

Altura EC starts from an attractive $1375 PSF, a tantalizing proposition when considering its proximity to Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) – a highly acclaimed institution known to deliver academic excellence. This makes Altura EC a magnet for families who want to secure a spot for their children in this prestigious institution.

Adding to this, the efficient layout of the units ensures that every square foot is fully utilized, promoting a comfortable living arrangement. These designs are configured to cater to the needs of families, promising an approachable mix of affordability, comfort, and convenience.

To surmise, location and connectivity serve as the backbone to Altura EC’s appeal. They’re in a prime locality within District 20, feeder services are available to the nearest MRT stations, and the district’s reputable schools add another feather to its cap.

Property gurus are waxing lyrical about Altura EC, citing its affordability, ideal location, association with well-regarded schools, efficient design, and the general scarcity of ECs as catalysts for potential long-term returns. So, for families or investors looking to secure a piece of Singapore’s thriving EC market, Altura EC might just be the ticket.

To summarize the value proposition of the Altura EC:

Limited supply & high demandAltura EC falls under the EC scheme that has been historically undersupplied, leading to high demand.
Accessible pricing starting at $1375 PSFConsidering its strategic location and access to amenities, Altura EC sits at an attractive price point.
Proximity to elite schoolsIts nearness to ACS primary gives Altura EC the edge for families aiming to secure their children’s educational future.
Efficiently-designed unitsEfficient unit design ensures every square foot is maximized, fostering comfortable living arrangements.

Given these points, Altura EC holds significant promise for both families and investors.